Spangled Pretzel Rod Flag

Spangled Pretzel Rod Flag


  • 11 Snyder’s of Hanover® Pretzel Rods
  • Cake Mate Squeezable Frosting (one each white, blue and red)
  • Cake Mate Sugar Crystals (in white, blue and red)


  1. Squeeze ¾ tube of the red frosting into a microwave-safe bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of water and microwave on high in 7 second intervals, stirring between intervals, until smooth and somewhat liquid. (Add more water if necessary)

  2. Working with 1 rod at a time, completely coat 3 rods in the red melted frosting by spooning the frosting over the rod. Let any excess frosting drip back into the bowl. Immediately sprinkle the red sugar all over the coated rods. Repeat for other 2 rods. Place rod on wax paper to cool.

  3. Working with 1 rod at a time, coat one half of 3 more rods with the red melted frosting; repeat the process for the sugar; place on wax paper to cool.

  4. Squeeze ¾ tube of the white frosting into a micro-wave-safe bowl; repeat step #2 using only 2 rods and white sugar.

  5. Using 2 more rods, coat one half of each with the melted white frosting and sprinkling with the white sugar; place on wax paper to cool.

  6. When the half coated red rods and white rods are completely cool, melt ½ tube of blue frosting following step #1 – adding water if needed. Coat the unfrosted sides of each of the 5 half-coated rods with the melted blue frosting, sprinkling with blue sugar crystals. Then, place the rods in a flag pattern on a serving platter; using the white frosting with a star tip, pipe little stars on the blue portion of the rods, or use your favorite sugar decors.